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We know moving to a new country can be a daunting process, exciting but difficult at times. We can help you with some of the services you might require before and after becoming residents in Spain.

Vehicle Imports

If you become resident, we can take care of the tedious process of having your vehicle registered in Spain. Registering a vehicle can be difficult, and we have to take into consideration variables such as the age of the vehicle, pollution emissions, brand and model, country of origin, date of purchase, even status of the owner of the vehicle in Spain. We offer Industrial Engineer services for those cars without a CoC, and we can request Tax Exemptions for newly become residents in compliance with the Spanish Tax Agency requirements.

Transfer of Vehicles

Either if you want to buy or sell a Spanish-registered vehicle, we can help you with its process. In most cases you will need to bring a contract, car documents, ID for both parties and a signed authorisation for us in order to do the job for you. Please take into serious consideration that before you close a deal, you must inform yourlself with the current legal situation of the vehicle. Unattended taxes, debts, unpaid traffic tickets, previous and present, could prevent the transfer of ownership of a vehicle. Don’t hesitate and call us before you close a deal if you have any doubt.